Anyone who submits a tax return can be investigated by the taxman. PMB offers peace of mind through its partnership with PFP. PFP help our clients defend their position in the face of HMRC’S onslaught. When HMRC make enquires it can cost you thousands. With our tax investigation service we can help. When you subscribe to our service we are able to make a claim against our insurance policy held with Professional Fee Protection in respect of our fees incurred when we defend a client who is subject to any of the following events;

  • A full enquiry: an extensive examination which considers all aspects of the self-assessment tax return, involving a comprehensive review by HMRC of all books and records
  • An aspect enquiry: when HMRC enquires into one or more aspects of the self-assessment tax return involving clarification of particular entries
  • PAYE/VAT Compliance Visit Cover: when HMRC wish to carry out routine compliance visit
  • Pre-dispute cover: where it is necessary to involve us following a routine inspection
  • VAT disputes: a challenge by HMRC to the accuracy of returns submitted
  • Business inspection notice: HMRC request a business premises for inspection

As a subscriber to our service you will gain access to the 24-hour client legal helpline. PMB Accountants will defend you if and when you are selected for a tax enquiry by HMRC. The potentially high costs of professional legal fees for that defence will be claimed under the practices’ insurance policy. It will not be necessary to accept unreasonable tax chargers by HMRC due to concerns about professional fees.